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The sims room isn't in quite the same state as last time; the walls were repainted a respectable military beige several months ago (though by whom is probably up for debate). The layout of chairs is much the same, though, along with the sims pushed together against the wall, and the tables beside them.

(Said tables may soon collapse under the weight of enough pastries to arm feed several squadrons for a month. Apparently Wes's lack of faith in Atton's catering abilities (and therefore his own order of pastries) was entirely unjustified. Who knew?)

There also may or may not be faint piano music playing, somewhere. Gosh. Must be coming from the room above or something.

(Those in the know can find the Whyren's Reserve in the usual place.)
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The room is still bright yellow; two of the walls have jagged black patterns, one has a random splash of black paint, and the fourth wall is blank.

The sims (all three yellow with black patterns) have been shoved up against one of the side walls, and chairs (more comfortable than last time) have been set out haphazardly in the middle of the room. (There's probably not enough.) Somewhere in the room (handily in perfect viewing position; hey, it's Milliways) is a film projector with a sheet opposite, too. (One geeky AV kid Mark Cohen is hanging around it rather protectively. Oh dear.)

Beside the sims are a couple of tables, one with trays of pastries and cookies, one with a tank of caf and one of water; assorted cups are piled up beside them.

There might be a couple bottles of Whyren's Reserve hidden in the simulator next to the table -- if you know to look.


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